Welcome to the new activefreesites.com!

We’ve given our site a big makeover and made a few other changes in terms of what we offer.

Previously, our site was the go to place for finding the most popular sites that offered things for free. Our ambitions and goals have changed slightly and as a result of this we’ve decided to turn our site into a blog about digital businesses.

What is a digital business?

A digital business is basically a fancy way of saying an online business. We’ve had a lot of experience with various online businesses that we’ve started in the past and we wanted to start a blog so we could share this knowledge with our readers.

Here at Active Digital Business, we’re fascinated by all things online business. We think it provides wonderful opportunities for people to start something up, without having to invest their life savings.

Online business also typically provides much more freedom and flexibility compared to the more traditional business models.

We live in a crazy world right now. A world where you can press a few buttons and have access to almost any type of information you want.

A world where we can communicate with people half-way across the world and see them through a screen. We’re now living in the digital age and whether you like it or not, it’s here to stay.

This digital age has brought about so much opportunity for freedom and independence. We want to share that information with you and show you how you can build up your online empire.

What will you be offering?

We will primarily be writing articles on the topic of online business. We like writing evidence-based content, things that provide actual statistics based on case studies or content that provides actionable tips for you to takeaway and implement.

We love blogging and we’ll be writing plenty of content for you to get stuck into.

Why have you made the change?

We’ve made this change because we feel that the value of our previous site wasn’t where it should be. We felt that we could use this platform for something that will be much more helpful for our readers! So goodbye Active Free Sites, hello Active Digital Business!