We thought we would start off this new blog by showing you how you can rank higher in Google for your business by making a few technical tweaks to your website SEO.

I know this might sound quite daunting but in reality, it’s not that difficult and is something that can see some big results for you in the SERPS.

Google’s search engine algorithm is becoming increasingly complex. Google already has over 200 ranking factors at this point.

Google is putting much more importance on user experience. As a result of this, user experience signals make a difference to your search engine rankings. These are things like page load time, bounce rate, mobile-friendlyness and SSL.

Google values their customers and wants them to have the best possible experience so you better make sure your site is user-friendly or your search engine rankings will suffer.

Personally, I find it extremely hard to believe that people are still happy with websites that look like they’re from the dark ages. This is such a turn off, especially for the millennial generation! Aesthetics are very important. It doesn’t take long to turn your website into something that looks like a masterpiece. It’s literally pushing a few buttons.

Bringing things back to technical SEO..

We came across this infographic that covers some of the more technical aspects of SEO that you might be missing on your website.

The way the architecture is setup on your website is so vital to your search engine rankings. A website that has good architecture will make it easier for the search engine bots to crawl your website and understand what you’re trying to rank for.

This infographic covers various tools that can help you with your businesses SEO. Free tools such as Google Webmaster Tools, Google Pagespeed Insights and Screaming Frog.

To find out how you can optimise your site in the best way, check out this infographic: