Are you an inspiring writer?

Do you want to contribute an awesome piece of content to

We’re starting off this website refresh by opening our site up to guest posting opportunities. Our aim is to make ADB a hub for all things digital business.

Please email admin at with your guest post pitch ideas and we will aim to get back to your on that same week.

Before you submit your guest post though, here are some basic guidelines you’ll need to follow:

We don’t accept thin content – if you’ve written a piece of content just so you can put a link on our website, you’ll be rejected straight away.

No agencies – We’ve seen agencies that try to gust post for their clients in the past, we only accept guest author submissions from actual bloggers and website owners.

Backlinks – We do allow you to place your backlinks contextually in your content but only if it is relevant and valuable to our readers. Every link will be checked to ensure quality.

Content length – Your content doesn’t have to be that long, as long as you provide actionable tips and helpful advice, we’re happy for you to bang out a quick little 500 word post for us.

Content topics – Activefreesites posts content on a broad range of topics at the moment, so we’re for you to pitch us ideas on all things digital business. In particular we like actionable articles about online business, things like affiliate marketing and network marketing.